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I value my curiosity greatly. It keeps me moving, keeps me passionate, and perhaps most importantly, it keeps me asking new and different questions. Curiosity keeps us young, I think. One of the things I love most when I'm around little kids is their unbridled willingness to ask questions about anything and everything! They aren't afraid to ask and go looking for answers...just so they can ask MORE questions. I hope we all keep asking questions. Don't worry so much if there no final definitive answer; sometimes the question is enough or even better than shutting a quest down with an easy answer.

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Ancient Wisdom & Modern Meaning

I have spent decades reading through the ancient literature from the Levant, Greece, and Rome (and little beyond). I have been inspired by it, consoled, and my curiosity sparked. I want to share this rich resource with you. You too are on a hero's journey, and you are not alone in your struggles. Ancient voices are whispering to you, asking you talk with them, and hoping you'll pick up your walking stick and join us. You'll find your way home again with new and secret knowledge that's waiting just for you.