Need Some Extra Help??

Tutoring for a Class in HS or College


I can support your efforts and clarify things in many Humanities & Liberal Arts topics!

Let me know what class you're taking and I'll give you all of my expertise.

Let me know what you need!

Working on Skills

Do you need help with writing or studying? I have lots of experience helping student learn how to help themselves.

Tell me how I can help!

Home Schooling & Adult Casual Education

One the advantages of home schooling is that you don't have to follow a traditional formula and you don't have take traditional classes.

I can host small High School/early College level classes (3-10 people) in many topics.

ALSO, if you just want to take one of these cool classes that you didn't get in college, you can take it here (no research paper or quizzes!!).

What class you would like to take?



What would YOU like help with?

Learning can be a challenge, especially if we are bored or don't see the point. My work is always focused on multi-disciplinary approaches and skill building. If you are having trouble understanding some material for a class, or if you just want to take a class (this is for grown ups too!), or if you need to brush up on some skills, like WRITING, I'm here to help!!