My Approach

What is Curiosity Crossroads?

Modern life often leaves us feeling anxious, and sometimes even empty. We work hard, but it can feel like we’re just spinning our wheels…all effort, no reward. What’s the point? Some of the answers are in the ancient literature and history. These are the roads less traveled in the 21st century, but they are not without direction. The stories carry meaning well beyond the plots. We will read the symbols, and learn to apply the ancient wisdom to your life. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the giant panorama this world.

My Story

MANY years ago I became interested in religious studies. I wanted to know about everyone's tradition, everyone's. I have spent the last 35 years in that pursuit. When I started studying Judaism, I went down the rabbit hole, so to speak, and fell in love the ancient traditions and ancient stories from the Mediterranean and little beyond. They are, in fact, the original self-help books. But they hold much deeper mysteries as well; they hold the keys to human condition and lay bare our soul in all its glory and its darkness. These are foundations of modern psychology, modern religion and spirituality, the shows we love, the movies that stand the test of time, and games on your computer. The ancient stories are the treasure maps to your soul. Sometimes they can be hard to read, but they will lead to new adventures and great wealth if you're willing take on the adventure and the challenge to find yourself in them.

Who is Dr. Meyer?

Mythologist, Ancient Historian, Biblicist, Religionist, Educator, Writer, Public Speaker, and kind of a nerd